On holy waters of Lim

The project "On holy waters of Lim" was launched in 1996. In his verification was attended by representatives SANU, Serbian Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, the Serbian Orthodox Church, the Republic Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments of Belgrade, Republic Institute for Protection of Monuments of Culture of Montenegro, Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments of the Royal Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, Faculty of Philology Belgrade municipality of Prijepolje and museum directors from Polimlje. On this occasion, it was determined that the project "On holy waters of Lim" multidisciplinary and include exploration of the Roman, Byzantine, Orthodox, Islamic and Catholic period of II by the end of XX century. The project includes field survey, inventory and monuments at the location of the above-mentioned period, as well as any archaeological research. The project envisages a complex archaeological, historical, art historical, ethnographic, etymological, ethnomusicological and sociological research, including folk literature, as well as the study and protection of national construction and restoration of the medieval fresco painting and sculptures.

The project "On holy waters of Lim" comprises the territory of the upper Polimlje Prokletija to Bijelo Polje, the territory of the middle Polimlja from Bijelo Polje to Priboj from Priboj to Visegrad lower Polimlje.

In the framework of the project "The holy waters of Lima" has been completed:

- Rehabilitation and reconstruction of the monastery Davidovic (XIII century), 1996-98;
- Rehabilitation and reconstruction of the monastery Kumanica (XIV century), 1999/00;
- Pešterno monasticism Polimlja, 2000-2010;
- POLIMLJE: multidisciplin historical research, 2005-2014 -;
- Archaeological research JUSOVIĆ tower (XIX century), 2006;
- Archaeological research Urosevic church (XIV century), Berane, Montenegro, 2006;
- Conservation of the Quran (XVII century), 2006;
- Upgrading and reconstruction of Turkish Ruzdijas (XIX century) - or the museum, 2006-07;
- Arranging Lapidarium Roman stone sculpture (II -V v.n.e.), 2009;
- Conservation and restoration of the frescoes of the monastery Davidovic, 2011;
- The cycle of conferences (organized 9) with published scientific Almanac "Mileševo records" in the period from 1996 to 2013;
- In the period from 1996 to 2014, organized over 200 art and other museum exhibitions, of which the most important are: Nadezda Petrovic, Save Šumanovića, Peter Lubarde, Uros Predic, Paja Jovanovic, John Bijelića, Djordje Krstic, Leonida sheiks, Mila Milunovića Ljubica Cuca Working Platform, Mica Popovic, Stojan Celic, Dusan Otaševič, Mehmed Slezovic, Dragana Martinovic, Slobodanke Rakic Scheffer, Sonja Malavrazić, Vesna Milunović, Shams Gavrankapetanović, Zagorke Stojanovic, Vladimir Dunjića, Milan Blanuša, Predrag Koraksić Koraks, Muhammad Đerlek Max, Zoran Puric, Izudin Porovic, Dragana Despotovića, Jelena Minic, Goran Čpajak and others.
- In our museum are exhibited: National museum Belgrade, Museum of Contemporary umetnosti- Belgrade, Belgrade Ethnographic museum, the Natural History Museum - Belgrade, Museum of the City of Belgrade - Belgrade, Historical Museum of Serbia - Belgrade, Museum of History of Yugoslavia - Belgrade, Museum of New Vojvodine- Now, Museum of the City of Novi Sad - Novi Sad, National museum of Uzice, Museum of Mining-Takovskog end - Belgrade Milan, the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Sarajevo, Museum of the Republic of Serbian - Banja Luka, the National Museum of Montenegro-Cetinje, Polimski Museum - Berane and other.

- Museum in hosted three international exhibitions:
"The past Prijepolje" (1998), Bern, Switzerland
"Milan Minic painter" (2010) Ajaccio, Corsica
"Prijepolje and Pljevlja in old photographs" (2012) Pljevlja, Montenegro